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Why Playground?

Playground was born spontaneously during lockdown between two strangers who met online – Ida & Helery. In the meantime, their plans changed and Ida decided to continue working with the unique recipe that turned her life around. She wanted to see more people do what they love and show that we don't need to take ourselves too seriously to do a seriously good job.


From personal experience & the Playground Pilot I saw that leaning on someone in the same boat works. Baby steps make you start now. And that playfulness fuels curiosity, creativity and work that doesn’t feel like work.

I do not know your story and current situation, but if you want to work on something that matters to you and believe that doing it together is more exciting, I welcome you to play. Are you in?


What other Playgrounders say.. 

Let go and let Playground take you on a journey of self-discovery! The Playground motivates you, entertains you and keeps you smiling from start to finish!  I learned a lot about myself and my goals in life.  I was also able to progress towards my goals quickly and efficiently.  An experience I’ll always remember that taught me to look inside myself and use my key strengths.  Thank you Playground, for improving my life in 5 short weeks! Amazing!

~ Bethany, USA


..Ida's story 

What do you want to be when you grow up? Who knows🤷. So 10+ years after uni, I’ve lived abroad, developed a career and met colleagues who turned into friends. I was grateful but started to feel stuck. I kept wondering what would I truly enjoy creating. I was also overanalyzing and judging myself for feeling privileged to do so. As a consequence, I was only more tired & didn't make a real change.

..Then a sequence of events pushed me out of my comfort zone and into quitting my job in 2020. Then Corona struck and brought in a different level of uncertainty and broke ground for the Playground.  


We also asked our pilot testers to

document their first month at Playground 

The Playground Pilot

A 3-month programe designed to help you move, play and take baby steps towards meaningful work, with a like-minded buddy. The pilot doesn't have a price tag, but we'll warmly appreciate your support to make Playground grow.

How to join Playground?

Apply and

get matched


Onboard with our welcome package 


Give Thanks 

Learn about your greatest strengths from VIA Institute in a 15 min test

Learn about your accountability buddy and get insights about the journey.

The Pilot doesn't have a price tag, but we'll warmly appreciate your support to make Playground grow.   


We are currently running the Pilot, but you can register your interest in Playground's Opening here.  




Learn about your greatest strengths from VIA Institute in a 15 min test.

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Apply to get a buddy. Matching process can take up 10 days.

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Learn about your accountability buddy, and insights about your 3 months.

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The 3 month pilot is on monthly donation basis. Or pay-how-much it helps you basis.

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Playground Programe 

Playground Beta is an online 13-week programme for side-hustlers, freelancers, solopreneurs and creators of any kind. It is designed to keep you accountable for a project you wish to work on, with structured (& playful) weekly meetings with your accountability buddy. 

1.  An accountability buddy: We will pair you up for 13 x 1hour weekly sessions. 

2. 13 Play guides: For each meeting, you will receive a structured Playguide made to lead you through the process. It's designed to secure part-time productivity, part-time playfulness.   

3. 3 x Monthly group meetings: Group check-ins to secure additional accountability and meet other people on Playground​.

The Beta version of the programme costs 9.9 EUR/ session or 128 EUR. Payment can be made via Paypal and with Visa, Mastercard, Etc.

Cancellation/ Guarantee: We offer a 14-day change-your mind option. 

Enter Playground in 2 steps

129 EUR for 13 sessions. Payment can be made via Paypal and with Visa, Mastercard, Etc.

Cancellation: We offer a week of change-your mind option. 

Playground Programe 

1.  One accountability buddy

2. 3 Months of productivity with 13 weekly meetings

3. 13 leading Playguides: A part-time productive and part-time playful Playguide made to lead you through the process. 

4. One SMART weekly goal   

4. 13 Goal tracking emails

5. 4 mid-journey group meetings to secure additional accountability and meet other people from Playground.

Get started  

We will encourage you to use your strengths and consider them when finding you a buddy.

The Playground Application 

Share what you are working on and apply to get an accountability buddy. 




Get a confirmation email and Paypal payment instructions to enter. 

tiny welcome 

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