What is Playground


Working on a project or a side hustle? Want to start a small business? 

Playground is a playful productivity platform. It's created to help you get unstuck and to move faster towards the work which you love and makes sense to you (and the world). 

Connect with an accountability buddy, act now with weekly check-ins and play until you reach your goal. 

Inspired by Yale's 3.6 million attendees course Science of Well-being, created during lock-down and personally tested by us. 

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We believe in ...

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  • Playing more! 

  • 80% ‘perfect’ is good enough

  • Kindness to self & others 

  • Courage is a muscle 

  • Exploring your curiosity

  • Celebrating

  • Small moments are big moments

  • I have time 😉



Helping you work on what matters to you, now

Join Playground? 



1. Get productive with a simple weekly structure 
2. You are not alone. There is someone to start and move with.

3. 76% chance you will complete your goal (with an accountability buddy) 

4. Side effects of playfulness include: creativity, resilience, well-being

1. You start breaking down everything into achievable baby steps 

2. Strangers become your friends
3. You might start to view the world a bit less seriously 

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How does it work?


Meet your accountability

buddy online 

Meet via Zoom for 1 hour weekly & hold each other accountable.


Play through a designed


Use our Playguide with prompts and connecting games and get moving.

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Take baby steps until you make that change

Set out clear actions and celebrate your small wins. See what happens. 


Playground Beta Programme

Playground    Programme

Early access 


13 weeks I Starting Wed 19th Jan ⏰ 18.00 GMT/19.00 CET/20.00 EET, then weekly


13 weeks I Starting Sun 23rd Jan ⏰  18.00 GMT/19.00 CET/20.00 EET, then weekly



129 €