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What is Playground

Procrastinating? Playground is a gamified anti-procrastination platform. It's created to help you get unstuck and get consistent with the work you love and which makes sense to you (and the world). 

Connect with an accountability buddy, act now with weekly check-ins and play until you reach your goal. 

Inspired by Yale's 4.6 million attendees course Science of Well-being, created during a lockdown and personally tested by 100+ people and myself. 

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Accountability buddies meeting at Playground

I believe in ...

  • 80% ‘perfect’ is good enough

  • Kindness to self & others 

  • Courage is a muscle 

  • Playing more 

  • Exploring your curiosity

  • Celebrating

  • Small moments are big moments

  • Time affluence

Join Playground? 



1. Get consistent with a simple weekly structure 
2. You are not alone. There is someone to start and move with.

3. 76% chance you will complete your goal (with an accountability buddy) 

4. Side effects of playfulness include: creativity, more brain cells, well-being

1. You start breaking down everything into achievable baby steps 

2. Strangers become your friends
3. You might start to view the world a bit less seriously 


How does it work

How does it work?


Meet your accountability

buddy online 

Meet via Zoom for 1 hour weekly & hold each other accountable.

Playground_instructions_meeting with games demo

Play through a designed


Use our Playguide with prompts and connecting games and get moving.


Take baby steps until you make that change

Set simple weekly actions and get consistency. 

  • Who is Playground for?
    Anyone who works alone and needs a bit of a support system. Previous Playgrounders where creators of all kind: entrepreneurs, freelancers, serial-course takers, podcasters, illustrators, coaches, small business owners, writers, PHD students and now you :)?
  • What is an accountability buddy??
    Imagine your want to run a marathon. You could prepare with a coach or find a friend who wants the same thing. You pick a friend, agree to meet regularly and commit to running. This is now your accountability buddy. At Playground buddies support each other by showing up for meetings, listening, being kind and playing.
  • What do I get when I join Playground program?
    🎈13 weeks of live anti-procrastination program 🎈A simple working system with weekly deadline & structure 🎈1:1 Accountability buddy. Meet a like-minded buddy online for commitment & support 🎈13 Experience meetings guided with a Playguide. Each Playguide has instructions to support you, spark connection &creativity 🎈 Monthly progress record 🎈Research-based productivity tips 🎈 Non-perfectionism vibe
  • What happens in 3 months?
    MONTH 1: BEGIN In the first month, we want you to move from that state of overthinking and procrastination to starting/ acting. Week 1: Figure out your 'why' + Welcome onboarding (90min) Week 2: Learn and set a WOOP plan (60 min) Week 3: Work with your strengths (60 min) Week 4: Play with different perspectives and ideas (60 min) Week 5: Reflect & Celebrate + Q&A (90 min) ✌️Benefits & Outcomes: You'll have a buddy to keep you accountable, listen and cheer you on Understanding your "why" will give you the motivation and focus you need to achieve your goals You'll learn a planning system & break down your goals to get you to act and see progress in your project You'll define and take weekly actions to secure clarity and the first steps Our gamified meetings will make working on your goals fun and engaging, helping you tackle challenges and make progress MONTH 2: STAY CONSISTENT Research shows that one month into any new goal, we start to doubt ourselves and often give up. But you won't :) You will secure progress and consistency because you follow a structured yet creative experience 👇 Week 6: Create a new plan (60 min) Week 7: Step out of your comfort zone & like it (60 min) Week 8: Investigate how your strengths support you in work (60 min) Week 9: Network& Reflect + Q&A (90 min) ✌️Benefits & Outcomes: You'll learn a new research-based productivity tip every week Working with your inner critique will help you to create a monthly plan You'll define weekly action to secure commitment and consistency Stepping out of your comfort zone in a gamified way will show you what you can do when you don’t take yourself tooo seriously You'll gain a better understanding of your strengths and how to leverage them You will receive your Month 2 progress notes so you can reflect on what you've learned and refine your approach You'll meet &connect with other members of the Playground community MONTH 3: DEVELOP In the final month, you will dig deeper into your project with the help of creativity and curiosity. Here is the breakdown: Week 10: Set a backwards plan Week 11: Wonder and wander with curiosity Week 12: Loading... creativity Week 13: Reflect & Celebrate + Q&A (90 min) ✌️Benefits & Outcomes: You’ll learn and apply backwards planning system to gain a new perspective on planning and stay organized You'll define weekly actions to secure clarity and commitment You’ll use creativity and curiosity to gain new insights for your project We will wrap up the process, celebrate and reflect on everything you achieved There is a small surprise at the end :)
  • What is the price of 3 months (13 weeks) at Playground?
    It's 35€/weekly or in total 445€.
  • What kind of games do you use?
    It's a mix of games with elements of imagination, deep questions and some silliness too. This is so that you get ideas, relax and find new solutions. Games are connected to your goals, but also support by sparking creativity and connecting you to your buddy.
  • Can I gift a ticket to Playground program 🎁?
    Yes! Playground is a great gift for your special person with a pending dream, so they can finally start. The 3-month program costs 445€. To gift a ticket to Playground Programe, please submit this form.
  • What payment methods do you offer?
    At the moment I offer: 1. Paypal 2. Card purchase or GPay via Buy me a coffee platform LINK HERE
  • What if I am unhappy with the programe?
    We offer a free 7 day change-your-mind option. If you cancel within a first month you will get a 50% refund.
  • What Playground is not
    - A therapy, coaching or mentoring platform - A personally facilitated session. You will meet your buddy 1:1 and be guided via a Playguide with prompts and games delivered prior to each session. - A matching platform for finding business partners, but if it happens 👍
  • Can I use anti-procrastination program for my remote team?
    I offer a 5-week accountability program for remote teams. Team-buildings are great, but they are a one-off event. If your coworkers enter Playground, they check-in weekly and play connecting games to build more lasting connections. Program also secures a support system to help them stay on top of a particular project or a development goal. Interested? Book a consultation call.

Playground Programme


13 weeks I Mondays or Wednesdays  ⏰ 13.00 EST/ 18.00 GMT/ 19.00 CET, then weekly


✔13 weeks of anti-procrastination program

✔ 1:1 Accountability buddy

✔ Simple weekly deadline & structure

✔ 13 Live experience meetups

✔ Research-based productivity tips

✔ Monthly progress record   

✔ Non-perfectionism vibe



Regular price                              

445€ (that's 35€/week) 

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