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Coworking Island Life

Jun 25th-July 22nd, 2023 Ikaria Island I Greece 

Island Life 

Did you ever travel somewhere and wondered how it would be if you stayed? This is what I did last summer in Ikaria. I came for holidays, but stayed for 2 months! It was a summer of being in the moment, barefootness all day long and discovering secret spots. Apart from seducing me, Ikaria is also one of the unique Blue Zones, it is a surfing spot and it has famous late-night village festivals. I love that sleeping in is encouraged, that chilling is a state-of-being and that you can move around the island by hitchhiking (it’s that safe!). It is wild and unspoiled and it’s not for everyone! It could be for you if you want to work in a different way and need some wilderness, slowing down, crickets, stargazing and simple village wine.

What's included (&what isn't)

  • 14 days (13 nights) accommodation

  • Choice of ONE: Surfing OR  Boxing OR Pilates

  • Destination orientation

  • Afterwork events   

  • Transfer from and to the airport/port

  • Unlimited wifi sim card

What’s not included:

  • Cost of transportation to the island

  • Food & drinks


Location Ikaria Island, Gialiskari village, Greece


Jun 25th - July 8th

July 9th - July 22nd 

Your typical island life day

Wake-up I When you want Swim I Before your Zoom meeting Coffee & Working I On the balcony with a sea view Mid day swimming or beers at the beach Surf/ Box/ Pilates Taste local food & village wine Learn the local dance


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