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Procrastinating? Here is why you should start small

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Recently I returned from a remote Greek island. Have you also romanticized about not returning home from vacation? Well in July I did it! Caught up in a summer mood, I was postponing getting back to work and questioned where do I even start. Ideas swirled in my mind, but I wasn’t taking any action. So I went back to my own advice: When you need to start (or in my case re-start) – start small.

Why do small steps help us make a change? The helpfulness list is numerious, but in the spirit of minimalism, these 3 reasons seem most relevant to me:

1 | Starting small means STARTING

And this seems to be the most challenging step for most of us. My first small step was to open my laptop and check where I left off. That was the only task. But it didn't stop there. Once I started, I made a brief plan for the week and the picture started to fall into place. Once in motion, it was much easier to build on.

2 | Small steps make us confident & motivated

Science says that by taking the small steps, we move faster, get more motivated and perform twice as well! A study done with kids solving mathematical problems showed that those setting smaller goals solved 80% vs. 40% solved by those with long-term goals. These great results were also correlated with feeling more motivated and more confident in their skills.

3 | Small steps let us be flexible and learn

One of my small tasks was to publish 5 pins on Pinterest. And then one thing lead to another, getting me to write this article about what helps me work. Just starting, created a flow I didn't anticipate, and as a reward gave me some cool new knowledge and inspiration to share what I learned.

So in conclusion, small steps are very powerful because they help us act now, develop on the way and get to our destination. But what are small steps and how to set them? I have made this Pomodoro-length guide to help you start. Check it out here.

Please pin or share this article if it convinced you to start small 😎 Tnx!

2 comentários

Paula Curtis
Paula Curtis
26 de ago. de 2021

Inspiring! Easy read right when I needed it.

Ida Radovanovic
Ida Radovanovic
27 de ago. de 2021
Respondendo a

Ah that's perfect! Thank you 🤗

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