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A simple guide for small goal setting

If you know what you should do, but still can't get yourself to start, here is a simple 25-minute guide to make that first small step. Just reading it is ok too, but not as exciting 🙃.

When Playground's pilot testers joined the programme and talked about goal setting, it became obvious that we commonly struggle with this task. In the beginning, most would set ambitious weekly goals, partially complete them and then feel demotivated. This is when I realised that even if we’ve heard that starting small helps, we are not sure how to do that.

3 steps of goal setting

As a solopreneur, I am always after productivity tips, but my initial go-to workflow is very simple. I have added timings to each step, so you can use this guide to start now!

Step 1 | Start big and break it down (10 min)

Break down your big project into pieces. For eg., if you wish to create a website for your business, brainstorm all the necessary elements: find a hosting provider, map content, design the website etc. There is something about getting it out of your head and onto a paper (or screen). It doesn’t have to be perfect, the goal is to get more realistic about the size of your project.

Step 2 | Focus on the outcome but.. (10 min)

Once you have your main elements mapped out, ask yourself what would be a good first step and what outcome your want to achieve. For instance, instead of ‘find website hosting providers’ frame it as 'find pros and cons in order to pick one web host'. Working towards an outcome will make it more specific and give you focus. Important: Choose the outcome your can control!

Step 3 | Make it small (5 min)

Make your first specific task very small. It should feel like something that you cannot say ‘NO’ to, such as 25 minutes of working 😊. Be free to modify and play with it along the way.

So what is your first step be? Define it and set a timer for 25 minutes (I use this Pomodoro method) 😎

P.S. At the anti-procrastination Playground programe we set weekly goals during the 3 months to help you start & progress. Check the next starting date here.


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