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Marina's Playground: BezVez Embroidery with purpose

Who are small business owners who love what they do and play at work?

When someone calls their business Bezvez (NonSense) how can you resist wanting to know them! So we talked about what makes sense, how embroidery is magic and what can it teach us about life...

1. How did the idea of BezVez spark?

My embroidery adventure happened as a response to my body and soul signal to slow down and listen to what is happening inside. Back in time, I had some health issues, and embroidery literally opened a new chapter in my life. It got me to see what I was capable of doing with my own hands. So, I started embellishing clothes from my closet and second-hand pieces bought at a local flea market. Then my friends started bringing me their own clothes too! It became the magic of healing through embroidery and creativity.

Apart from this, my family was always big support and inspiration. My mom and sister are two creative souls, and there was always something going on in our house: knitting, sewing, jewellery making, drawing, experimenting with origami... And then in 2019 BezVez story officially started!

2. What brings a smile when you think about your business?

BezVez (NonSense) is a play on words and indicates something without a connection or meaning, which is contrary to my greatest belief that everything absolutely makes sense and especially embroidery. This is also why I often write ‘embroidered with purpose’. Because it really is, embroidered with the best intentions. But it’s still the opposite when compared to the name itself, which is funny.

Also, I approach embroidery as a game, and the game should be our eternal intention! When you create through play, that's the real thing. It always makes you smile :)

Finally, the name BezVez itself remains especially dear to me, because it was accidentally suggested by my dad. And so I decided to do something more with it and add some sense to the nonsense.

3. What do you think your work is teaching you?

I see embroidery as a process that takes different forms, surprises me, and therefore never stops teaching me. One great passion that woke in me throughout this process was to spread the message that embroidery gave me; Patience is a skill that can be learned, we are all capable of anything, we are all creative beings, and what often holds us back is being stuck with our own perfectionism and expectations of our own creative abilities.

This is why I started embroidery workshops where we do not learn how to perfectly embroider a certain stitch. Instead, we learn to accept our imperfections, explore in small steps and see where creativity leads us! Maybe the person joining the workshop won't choose embroidery in the long run, and will just want to experiment, but it is important to let that process happen.

Another important lesson is that we are exposed to content and information on social media, which often puts pressure on us with requirements that we must be absolutely perfect, always

inspired to create something new and different, always in line with time dictated by an algorithm.

That place is created as a never-ending circle of comparisons and it is a trap we must learn to

overcome. Unfortunately, because of that pressure, people often lose their self-confidence and don’t even try to embark on a craft hobby, expecting everything to be perfect at the very beginning. And sometimes I still find myself in such situations, where even after several years of embroidery, there is a senseless fear of failure to which we humans are prone. However, over time I have learned to let go, especially when I look at my first embroidery pieces and realize that I am going in the right direction. It is indeed a large playground 😊

4. Is there a ‘productivity’ tool you would recommend?

As a solopreneur, where all the work depends on one person, it is important to listen to your own rhythm. The rhythm of the body, the rhythm of ideas and possibilities. I naturally get up very early, even before dawn, so embroidery has become part of my morning routine. The mornings are the period of the day when I am most productive and when I enjoy working the most.

When it comes to other tasks such as photography, promotion, packaging which are inevitable, I need the most organization (because I would often like to skip them 😊). Recently, I started using Airtable, which is an excel-like program but much more creative and colourful. I use it to plan and sort out my various projects and obligations. However, sometimes I do forget to check my Airtable for days. :)

5. How do you feel when you embroider?

Embroidery has become a part of me, it is what makes me happy and what I need to do. If I’m working on some custom design sometimes it happens that I can’t wait to finish to get back to

something that authentically comes out of me. The most beautiful feeling is when we bring our dreams and ideas to life. Embroidery allows me to do that. I have a list of dreams and everyday situations that inspire me in the development of my creative process.

Also, a very important thing is mending, a process that further trained me on how to treat society and the environment. Mending with embroidery has the ability to heal, as damaged clothes get repaired. By doing so I feel special, I feel that I am contributing to something and that I can fix things! Embroidery truly is magic that we can all create!

6. What advice would you give to past-Marina?

Just follow what your gut is telling you!

P.S. Do you want to play? Follow BezVez on Instagram and sign up for Marina's next workshop.

P.S.S. Do you want to work on something you love? Playground is an anti-procrastination platform. Check if Playground is for you.


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