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Emina & Deric's Playground: Adventurous2 Travel Blog


Have you ever dreamt about having a travel blog? Meet my friends Emina and Deric, creators of the Adventruours2 blog who love to travel into the wild and inspire us to do it too 👇

How did the idea spark?

The idea of the Adventurous2 travel blog started in the mountainous region of Zlatibor nearly three years ago. We were inspired by the beauty of snow-capped hills and mountains, and thought that it would be great if more people would discover places such as Zlatibor that are not well-known outside of Serbia. Since we live in Serbia but also love off-the-beaten-track destinations in other countries, it came naturally to want to write about our experiences and show them to more people.

What are your adventures teaching you right now?

Our adventures teach us the importance of getting out of our comfort zone. This is where you discover new sides of yourself, explore new hobbies, meet different people, and where you test your boundaries.

(Emina) For example, each time when I climb a peak higher than the previous one, it makes me more confident. Recently, I conquered the highest peak in Montenegro “Bobotov Kuk”. Before I even started the climb, I was plagued with self-doubt: “will I be able to make it?”, “the others are more fit and able than I am”. There was a moment I wanted to quit before I even started. But, when I then reached that peak, I was the happiest person! I had conquered my fears and this is what is out of your comfort zone teaches you. You don’t need to climb mountains to practice bravery, it can be anything else that will make you push your own boundaries.

Are there times when you want to give up?

(Deric) There are, of course, times when I don't feel like doing anything. What I usually do then to keep motivated, is to go back to my favourite travel bloggers or people doing similar projects. This gives me the inspiration to keep creating and reassures me that it is possible.

You both have ‘regular’ work as well. What productivity tip do you use to manage your time wisely?

We use Trello and Google calendar to stay organized. We write down ideas for social media content and content for the blog, and break them down as tasks so we don´t forget them. In Google calendar we plan all our content ahead, so we know when we need to deliver what.

It’s a relief to put tasks somewhere where you have an overview rather than trying to keep it all in your head.

There are many tools out there, you must check which one works best for you.

What do you think the world needs more of?

The world needs more fun, activities and creativity. While we are too focused on our 9-5 and making money, we miss opportunities and forget about all the magical places that are waiting to be discovered.

What are your next steps?

We are soon embarking on our biggest journey so far and we will travel through South America for half a year. We decided to stop working for that time and just travel. Our first stop is Brazil. What’s next, we don't even know yet. It will definitely be out of our comfort zone. We invite you to join us on our adventures and see 😉

P.S. Get travel tips and inspirations on the Adventrous2 blog and follow them on Instagram.

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