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Jelena's Playground: Social Media Fairy


''On bad days I am slower, and on the good days, I am faster. So on bad days, I try not to encourage my weaknesses, but to instead get up and do something, because every step counts''. Jelena runs her own business as a Social Media Fairy. We talked about what supports her to work as a solopreneur and what she finds meaningful 👇

1. A question left for you at Playground from Marija (previous guest): If you have to present your business as a toy, what would you choose?

I am a social media marketing strategist and consultant. My job is very diverse and creative, and its structure depends a lot on the client and their business goals and needs. On some days I see it as an elegant dancing fairy ballerina, and on another, as a unicorn popping out of the box. But without play, nothing is interesting!

2. What is the most magical thing about your work?

My job can be done from anywhere so it gives me the freedom to travel. All I need is a good wifi connection. It also makes me develop my creativity, and you can’t make a good marketing strategy without sound research and creativity!

But the main reason why I fell in love with marketing is that in order to be good at it you need to analyze people and go deep into their psychology, and that is what fascinates me the most, people. Observing them and their reactions is truly magical.

3. What is your favourite mistake and how do you see it now?

Starting my own business without enough experience, without any mentors, without clear goals, and without a target audience! It cost me a lot of time, but it was worth every minute. I learned everything the harder way, but I also learned it my way.

Some of those lessons were probably not necessary, and I should have done it through shortcuts. It would be less tiring. But I don’t like regretting, and I try to see the positive in every situation. As my grandma use to say "You never know why this is a good thing".

4. What supports you to stay consistent with your work?

I created habits. We all have good and bad days. No matter how much you love and enjoy your work, you will have days when you don’t feel like working or even getting out of bed, and that is ok. What keeps me going on days like that is the power of habit. On those days I try not to encourage my weaknesses, but to encourage myself to get up and do something, because every step counts.

On bad days I am slower, and on the good days, I am faster. But every day I make progress and that is important. Make a small step every day, but make it.

5. Do you have a productivity tip that you use?

What helps me a lot to stay on track is sports. Every morning when I get up, I exercise, and then I start working. When your body is active, your mind gets faster too.

6. What do you think the world needs more of?

We all need more though, raw, honest love! With so many possibilities and availability, we became spoiled and too sensitive.

Instead of making a change for the better and focusing on our strengths, we are encouraging our weaknesses, we stick to our comfort zones and ask for approval.

I believe that instead, we need to be more honest, and magnify and support our strengths. We also need to create more physical relationships, care more for others and spend less time online.

7. Could you leave a fairy question for our next guest :)

If your business would be a magical being, what being would it be?

P.S. Follow Jelena on Instagram here.

P.S. If you need some support for your small or big steps too, check if Playground can support you.


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