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Dragana's Playground: Healing with Compassion


''We are here to live and explore all the beauties of this world, to gain experience, and to raise our consciousness. Work is only one part of that.'' Dragana has a master's in Medical Biochemistry, and in her current practice, she mixes western scientific knowledge with eastern practices. She combines EFT, yoga, breathing techniques and embodiment practices to help people regulate their nervous system &become more attuned with themselves 👇

1. How would your inner child describe what you do for a living?

She would say that I am helping people to shine their light 😊. I would add that I am helping them to release stress, to be healthier, and be more connected to their natural state of pleasure, peace, and joy.

2. What was the first small step that you took?

After graduating from MSc in Medical Biochemistry, I realized that education was only one part of my journey, and I wanted to gain a more holistic and experiential knowledge of overall health and well-being. So, after a pause, I applied for yoga classes and bought the first book about conscious living (Osho - The Book of Understanding), which changed my life at that point. After that, self-discovery and introspection became my day-to-day practice.

Today, I am the founder of PRODISHI concept, which is dedicated to spreading knowledge about the mind-body connection and deeper layers of traumatic stress, which are responsible for physical, mental and emotional disbalance.

3. What is your go-to (productivity) tip if you don’t feel like working?

I am aware that the state of my nervous system dictates how I feel, my levels of energy, and my productivity.

If I don’t feel like working, I do something that will balance my nervous system (breathwork, tapping, stretching, dancing, getting into a deep connection with another human, playing with my dog, etc.). I give myself permission and time for that, because I know I will be much more productive afterwards.

Listening to and responding to body signals is probably the most effective thing we can do.

4. Work-life balance. What do you think about this sentence?

Essential. And, at the same time, so difficult for most of us. I think we are here to live and explore all the beauties of this world, to gain experience, and to raise our consciousness. Work is only one part of that. Since so many people are desperate for rest and a simple state of being, I am hoping that the shift in mindset and consciousness is happening now on a collective level.

In my work, I see many people suffering from burnout, anxiety, chronic fatigue, etc., and it seems like this has become a new pandemic. Many of them are escaping from themselves into work.

Of course, there are always many reasons for that, including underlying trauma and inner belief systems, and the bottom line is usually a huge disconnection from the self. Nobody taught us how to work with that, so it can be difficult initially. From my experience, it’s like digging for gold: it gets dirty and messed up, but the result is priceless 😊

5. What do we need (more of) today?

More compassion towards ourselves, as well as towards other people.

If all of us were open to a deeper connection with our inner children, healing our inner wounds with open hearts, and understanding other people’s pain, this would be a more peaceful world.

6. Jelena, a previous guest at Playground left one question for you:

'If your business would be a magical being, what being would it be?

It would be a Ferry of Compassion, helping people lighten and accept the dark, deep caves of their unconscious, shadow side so they can find pleasure and peace in their existence ✨

P.S. Find more about Dragana's work on Instagram here.

P.S.S. If you want to work on something that you love, check if Playground is for you.


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