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Why Playground?

The Playground was born during lock-down between two strangers - Helery & Ida who to this day have never met in person. Coronavirus turned our lives upside down, but also showed us what really matters and how creative we can get in supporting each other, even from a distance. Concerts on balconies, online workouts or evening clapping were just some examples of solidarity and humor that helped us go through it together. 

During one of the lock-down evenings we scheduled a Zoom call to talk about possibilities to work on something together. We discussed what meaningful work is and what is worth our time. In doing so, we saw that starting now and not just brainstorming works. We saw that leaning on each other works. Fueled by what worked for us, we wanted to connect people who are after the same goal and mix it with playfulness that we - adults, so often forget. 


We do not know your story, experiences or current situation, but if you want to create or find work that fits your values, do something meaningful with your time, and believe that doing it together is more exciting, we welcome you to play.  Are you in?

What other Playgrounders say.. 

Dear You,

Playground started spontaneously, during the lockdown, when I met a stranger online, Helery. While creating, I saw how much leaning on someone else who is in the same boat helps. That baby steps make you start. And how playfulness fuels our curiosity, our creativity and work that doesn’t even feel like work. Our plans diverged, but I wanted to see more people do what they love and show that we don't need to take ourselves too seriously, to do a seriously great job.

I do not know your story or current situation, but if you want to work on something that matters to you and believe that doing it together is more exciting, I welcome you to play. Are you in?

Morning Coffee

Maria's first month at Playground


Helery's part of the story...

I started to look at life with a new pair of eyes after losing my fiancé unexpectedly in 2019. The value of time got a new meaning in my life. I got a new job in the beginning of 2020 but soon realized how different my mindset was after the life changing experience.


The lockdown made me realize even more the importance of being truly happy with my job and working on my dreams coming true, now. I quit my job in the middle of Coronavirus in Spain and fully dedicated myself to create the Playground. It was time to play with uncertainty.


...Ida's part of the story

What do you want to be when you grow up? Who knows🤷. So 10+ years after uni, I’ve lived abroad, developed a career & met colleagues who turned into friends. I was grateful but started to feel stuck. I kept wondering what I would truly enjoy creating. I kept over analyzing and also judging myself for feeling privileged to do so. As a consequence, I was only more tired & didn't make a real change.

..Until a sequence of events pushed me out of my comfort zone, and into quitting my job in March 2020. Then Corona struck and brought in a different level of uncertainty... and also broke ground for the Playground.  

What other Playgrounders say.. 

Let go and let Playground take you on a journey of self-discovery! The Playground motivates you, entertains you and keeps you smiling from start to finish!  I learned a lot about myself and my goals in life.  I was also able to progress towards my goals quickly and efficiently.  An experience I’ll always remember that taught me to look inside myself and use my key strengths.  Thank you Playground, for improving my life in 5 short weeks! Amazing!

~ Bethany, USA

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Maria's first month at Playground

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