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Week 4: Thankful

What do you do when you’re tired of procrastinating? As an experiment, Maria tried starting a small business at Playground for 4 weeks.

1. What happened in Week 4? I would like to name this week - an emotional roller coaster! As this was the last week of Playground, and we just have one final meeting, I am starting to feel a little sad. I think that I’m going to miss something and there is no more support from the other side. From next week it will be just me working on my stuff. It sounds kind of scary, doesn’t it?

The most important thing that happened during the past four weeks, and I didn’t even notice it - my idea was growing and now I can say it is no longer an idea – it is a concept!

I realized that day by day, I am progressing: I created plans in Trello, researched competition, set weekly goals and made mood boards. And even though that sounds promising, I still get moments when it gets scary and appears too big. It’s a good thing that this doesn’t last long because deep down I know that I am ready for this adventure!

Also, this week had another breakthrough – I have done things that I postponed for a long time, and for that, I can thank my accountability buddy Milos who made me set this week’s action. Giving and constructive criticism is an important part of any project, so I hope that I have done the same for him during the past four weeks.

Now I can say that I am thankful for having an opportunity to meet these great people and start at Playground because it woke me up, and gave me great motivation and knowledge for the next steps.

2. Show us this week in a gif ;)

3. Did you learn something about yourself?

I have started making my own timelines because I’ve realized that having structure is having the job half done. I've also been respecting my own time more, which is a new thing that I am trying out. It feels good, and you 'just' need to be accountable and responsible towards yourself.

4. Is there something you want to do differently?

As I’ve realized that with a little effort and small steps you can do so much, I would like that to make this my routine, and celebrate small victories. This month lessons I would conclude with Walt Disney’s quote — “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

5. How do you feel about Playground right now in 1 word: Thankful ❤️


*Maria took part in the first Playground Pilot which consisted of 5 weeks and happened in October. New Playground starts in March, learn more here!

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Jan 07, 2022

What will you do next? :)

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