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Supporting environments or who helps you?

Working remotely or as a solo entrepreneur can be tough sometimes. Truthfully, colleagues are one of the things I miss about my old corporate life. You know, the coffee chats, Xmas parties... 🙄

This is why apart from an accountability buddy, I need environments that support me to work too. As a result, I am a member of 3 online communities. Do you want to join them too? Check below to see how they support me & my business needs:

1. NESSLABS promotes mindful productivity.

They have courses, articles, and tips to help you work more intentionally. It's my go-to spot for research and learning about all things neuroscience and productivity. The community also hosts silent online co-working sessions based on the Pomodoro method.

2. WANNABE ENTREPRENEUR is my virtual co-working space.

We all connect via Slack and chat about different topics, such as "what I learned today" or we meet for a random coffee chat. It's a great way to feel like you're not alone in this crazy entrepreneurial journey.

In one of the random chats with Tiago, the founder of the community, I spontaneously suggested creating a 'Wannabe networking event'. And then it was a real pleasure to design new games and see smiling people refuse to come out of breakout rooms. If want a taste of what it looked like, see here.

3. INDIEHACKERS advice & networking.

Was the first community I joined when I started building Playground. Looking back, it has led me to discover the other two! It's full of practical tips and advice from other founders. They also host a dashboard of upcoming events, and it is a great way to network and meet other makers.

P.S. Playground is also a support system,

but unlike communities, you enter a 3- month experience programe and get one kind accountability buddy (in a similar situation). Can Playground help you with your project & procrastination?


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