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Part 2: How do I plan my week 🔮?

Transform your week from where-do-I-begin to ta-dah with the magic of, planning!

coffee and plan

By dedicating just 25 minutes on Mondays to planning, you'll be amazed at how much smoother your week can become. I start each week with this straightforward task and it helps me have a framework and work more effectively. If you usually feel overwhelmed, this could be something to test and taste the difference:

Step 1. Choose your weekly focus areas (from your monthly plan)

This is where you choose your priorities for the week, based on your bigger goals from the monthly plan. The simplest way to do so is to create priorities based on importance and urgency. If you don't make a Monthly plan but want to, check Part 1: How should I plan my month?

Step 2. Create a task-list

Break down your weekly focus area into simple tasks. This will make the goal more manageable and it will give you clarity on where to start. Just make sure that each task is specific and actionable. I am a fan of the Trello app, but you can also use a notebook and make a simple to-do list. Choose your own adventure.

Step 3. Block time for your tasks

Allocate specific blocks of time for bigger tasks and add them to your calendar. For eg. each week I block 2 times 4 hours for content making. Stick to your schedule as much as possible, but also be prepared to adjust your plan as needed if unexpected events arise.

Step 4. Review and reflect

I finish each week by reflecting on what I’ve accomplished so I can learn and implement changes. It’s a very simple task where you list: what went well, what didn’t go well and what you want to do next. This is a tip I learned from the mindful productivity class at Nesslabs and I highly recommend it. The last column ‘what I want to do next’ becomes a task for your plan next Monday.

One of the reasons why we procrastinate is that we don't have clarity. This is why it's great to dedicate time to choose priorities, map out tasks and block time. It will help you get that clarity and once you know what to do, it makes it easier to act now.

P.S. Coming up next ''Part 3: Tips to plan a more efficient day'. In the meantime, if you want access to my ready-made Trello template for the Monthly + Weekly plan email me at


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