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How to stay the course when working on what matters to you

Working on something of your own is exciting, but it's natural that your motivation levels fluctuate 👇

Studies show us that the majority of people will 'slip' when working on their goal, and more than once if the goal is a long-term one. So what matters, is our ability to stay the course!

Here are some numbers to illustrate that:

  • 71% will slip in the first month

  • 14 times is the average time people will 'fail' their goal over the course of 2 years

  • 19% of people will reach their goals after 2 years

Reported reasons why include lack of personal control, excessive stress, and negative emotion. In other words, we are human and success will come from sticking with our resolutions despite occasional ‘fails’. This is why this week (in place of judgment), I was exploring what helps me work with ease:

#1 Your space

Have you thought about what environments support you to work? I am after the Goldilocks of working space and in doing so, I am learning that I like to work in quiet and peaceful environments. But I also like it to be semi-social. Just the notion that there are other people working and ideally quietly 🤭, gives me a sense of a community that motivates me to continue. The atmosphere of work supports work.

#2 Someone in the same situation

Apart from all the perks of working remotely, it can also get lonely. For the past week, I have worked alongside Natalie, an owner of an inspiring small business, Terrorists of beauty, who shared facing the same feelings. As I entered our cafe office in the morning, I immediately felt a rush of excitement. It’s was almost like accountability by mere presence and by the end of the week we were very both very pleased with what we accomplished.

#3 Getting back to... yourself

We are whole beings and our non-working time affects our working life too. This is why I give a lot of credit to well-being and I keep ‘a helping toolbox’. This week in my toolbox I am leaning on writing. It’s a precious way to empty your mind, process emotions and digest the busyness of life. Science too confirms this and recognises journaling as an important contributor to our happyness.

P.S. Is working alone challenging for you too? At Playground, I gamify procrastination and connect you with someone in a similar situation (an accountability buddy). This is so you can secure both progressIt & your well-being. Curious about how it works? Book a free 1:1 consultation call with me now.

2 comentários

Ed Bockelman
Ed Bockelman
15 de set. de 2021

Great post, Ida. Those are good suggestions. One thing that I've learned that helps people stay the course is the WOOP framework. Google it if you want to learn more.

Ida Radovanovic
Ida Radovanovic
16 de set. de 2021
Respondendo a

Hi Ed, thank you very much! IGreat call on WOOP! Apart from the cool name :) I also use it and find that it helps me a lot!

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