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Why bother with reviewing your month?

Reviewing your month is a quick and easy way to see how you're really doing. Here's what you'll need to do 👇

Planning is useful, but pausing to reflect on those plans will give you a powerful tool to feel proud of yourself and take smarter steps in the future. I personally enjoy this practice so much, so I take 15-min at the end of every Friday and this is how I close my work week.

Why? It truly makes a difference when you take that time to reflect on your accomplishments, identify areas for improvement, and set goals for the future.

It is often that in these moments I realise how much I am doing and how far I have come.

Something that was scary or too big to even begin, is now DONE! Or if it is not done I have the opportunity to be mindful of why and the reasoning behind it.

I have learned this simple 3-step practice in the Mindful Productivity course led by Anne-Laure Le Cunff, and I highly recommend her Nesslabs community. Over time, I added a lovely bonus step, so I'll share it with you 😉 Here you go:

STEP 1. What went well?

Think about what you did that made you feel good or proud. Maybe you hit a goal or did something new. Take a few minutes to jot down your accomplishments and celebrate your successes. This step can help you gain perspective on the progress you've made and the positive aspects of your life, which can inspire you to keep going.

STEP 2. What was not so great?

This one's a little tougher, but it's important, to be honest. Did you encounter any setbacks, failures, or disappointments? Were there any areas where you struggled or felt stuck? What got in your way or didn't work out? Be real with yourself and write it down.

*I have a tendency to add a solution as I write this but keep those steps for the last question.

❤️ Bonus STEP. What did you really like?

If you want, also write down the achievements that felt a bit more special. What brought you the most joy? What was done with ease or what do you want to keep doing? In this column it's not just about what you can do well, but what you also enjoy doing. These can be important input for the final step.

STEP 3. What should you focus on next?

Finally, use your reflections to identify actionable steps you can take to improve and move forward. Based on what you learned from steps 1 and 2, ask yourself what you can do differently next month to achieve your goals and overcome obstacles. Are there any behaviors you need to change? Do you need to set new goals or adjust your existing ones? Listen to your heart too 😉 and remember to be specific when setting your new goals.

That's it!

P.S. If you can't seem to find time for it, we end each month at Playground by reflecting . The next anti-procrastination programe begins last week of October. Interested? Book a free consultation call with Ida here.


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