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Week 2: Excited

What do you do when you’re tired of procrastinating? As an experiment, Maria tried starting a small business at Playground for 4 weeks.

1. How was Week 2 for you?

This week was just chaotic. I had a lot of things distracting me, but despite that, I was still thinking about my idea – and to be honest, just thinking about it until the deadline.

Even though I was considering postponing my meeting, when it started, I entered a parallel universe and nothing from the above-mentioned mattered. We planned our weekly actions, talked about the work that has to be done, and I finally enjoyed my time being fully focused.

This meeting made me face my fears, which also meant that I was finally serious about starting. Well, now I can say - bring it on! A high level of motivation had me spinning, so I did my research, watched a bunch of “how-to” videos on YouTube, brainstormed about the concept, and searched for supplies (OMG)! It’s kind of scary when things start to happen this fast. I did also come across my first obstacles, but I also see that I can always find a way. To be honest, this is just the beginning, but it’s a lot more than I've expected.

2. Your Playground week in a gif

3. Did you learn something about yourself?

I learned that my mindset didn't change much since my student days when I would postpone everything until the last moment. However, in this scenario, there is another person depending on me, my accountability partner in crime and a teammate - Milos. So it's not possible to bail, you have to do your part because you don't want to let yourself nor him down.

4. Is there something you want to do differently?

I would like to be more proactive and responsible towards myself, and not procrastinate. Every day should be a day of some new victory, small or big - it doesn't really matter as long as I keep moving.

This week's lesson I would conclude with Friedrich Nietzsche quote — 'You must have chaos within you, to give birth to a dancing star.'

5. How do you feel about Playground right now: Excited!


New Playground starts March 3rd, learn more here!


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