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3 tips to Stay Stuck

It's 2023, and this thought is in my mind: If nothing changes, nothing changes. So here is an attempt to play a bit with some bad strategies to help you stay where you are 😉

3 tips to keep procrastinating

1. Complicate your goals.

Instead of breaking down your tasks into smaller, more manageable goals, try to make them as complex and overwhelming as possible. This will make it easier to procrastinate and avoid making progress.

2. Don’t plan.

Who needs to-do lists, calendars, and task management apps that help you break down and tackle tasks? The more intimidating the goal is, the better! I did hear about this saying: ''Failing to plan is planning to fail'', but I don't find it funny 😛 . Also isn’t it just easier to keep spinning ideas over and over in your head?

3. Be a perfectionist and unkind to yourself.

To fully embrace procrastination, try to be as perfectionist and unkind to yourself as possible. Avoid taking breaks and be critical of yourself, especially when things don't go 100% perfectly the first time! This will create a negative and unproductive mindset, and can worsen your long-term relationship with your creation and work.

Which one are you guilty of?

Jokes aside, we start a 3-month programe and stop procrastinating on Jan Monday 23rd. Have some questions? Get serious and book a 15-min consultation call.


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