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We believe in ...

  • Playing more! 

  • 80% ‘perfect’ is good enough

  • Kindness to self & others 

  • We are more alike than we think

  • Courage is a muscle 

  • Exploring your curiosity 

  • Celebrating 

  • Clarity empowers

  • Collaboration

  • Small moments are big moments

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What is Playground


Want to create a business or a side hustle? 

Playground is a playful accountability platform. It's created to help you get unstuck and move faster towards the work which you love, you are good at and makes sense to you and the world. 

Get an accountability buddy who is after a same goal, act now with weekly check-ins, and play until you reach your goal. 

Inspired by Yale's 3 million attendees course Science of Well-being, created during lock-down and personally tested by us .



Helping you look for meaningful work in an unexpected way, now

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There is no free gift when signing up, just an invitation to 


Thanks, this is so exciting!

How does it work?

Apply and

get matched


Meet with your buddy online


Take baby steps until you make that change

We lean on VIA Institute 15 min test to learn more about you. 

Meet weekly for 1h,  set a specific action & hold each other accountable. 

Play and move through your goals for 3 months. See what happens.

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